Antarah Cultural Festival
Antarah Cultural Festival

Date : Sunday, 27 November 2022 - Saturday, 03 December 2022
Opening Hours :
05:00 PM to 12:00 AM
City : Al-Qaseem
Location : Ghaf Al-Jawa, Al-Qassim
Price including VAT : SR 0
Description :

Antarah's Cultural Festival is a cultural Festival undergoing different phases of Antarah's Life from his death and childhood until his death.
The emphasis on those stage will be as follow:
- The Museum with a quick recap about Antarah' life and the map of his Life with his seven commentaries
- The birth of Antarah and his childhood
- The name of Antarah and his lineage
- The library with different stories of Antarah
- Antarah's Developement and Youth
- Ablah and Antarah's Poetry
- A stage discussion with different poets explaining Antarah's Poetry
- Antarah's Battles
- Antarah's Death
Also there will be different restaurants and coffee shop at the Festival with different choices of food.

This event is ended

Price including VAT

Entry Ticket :
SR 0