Al Ahsa Oasis Fesitval
Al Ahsa Oasis Fesitval

Date : Sunday, 20 November 2022 - Tuesday, 20 December 2022
Opening Hours :
05:00 PM to 12:00 AM
City : Al-Ahsa
Location : Al Ahsa Oasis Fesitval
Description :

The Al-Ahsa Oasis Festival allows you to visit the most significant historical sites in the Al-Ahsa Governorate and learn about the region’s authentic culture. It’s an opportunity to participate in a wide range of cultural and entertaining activities and experience unique moments that blend history with long-lasting heritage!

In Ain Najm, you’ll enjoy admiring the beauty of Arabian horses, wandering through the craftsmen's booths to see various traditional crafts made with the simplest tools, and watching countless folkloric dances that reflect the culture of Al-Ahsa people.

In Muhaires Palace, we blend modern and traditional activities; for example, you’ll recall some historical football moments in the Saudi national team exhibition. And on the giant screens, you’ll enjoy the Saudi team’s matches in the FIFA World Cup in an unparalleled atmosphere. Also, you can visit the artisan’s souq to explore the different art shows and live music shows. And to complete your experience, we offer the most delicious dishes from a range of fine restaurants.

Al-Biah House offers tours in multiple exhibitions. One is dedicated to Saudi coffee, where you will learn about the different types of Saudi coffee and how to prepare them, and the other is the Saudi home exhibition, where you get to explore the ancient lifestyle of the Saudi people in the past. And in one of the most incredible moments, you’ll listen to the story of Al-Ahsa people with king Abdulaziz from sr. Abdullatif Almulla.

As you walk around Alamiriah School, you will broaden your knowledge. Through the many galleries and workshops available on a daily basis, you will learn about the craft of making Hasawi Bisht, as well as traditional arts such as stucco carvings. You will have the opportunity to visit the education exhibition, watch musical shows, and eat a variety of traditional foods from fine local restaurants.

Qaisariah Market is a cultural melting pot where you can learn about traditional dishes and explore many aspects of Al-Ahsa, such as traditional games shows and folklore dances, all in a beautiful family setting.

Entry ticket (one day) to Ain Najm This ticket does not include riding an Arabian horse experience.

Entry ticket (one day) to the Arabian horse in Ain Najm Park for 5-10 minutes.

Entry ticket (Inclusive) allows you to enjoy entry to all heritage sites for 72 hours only.

Entry ticket (one day) to Muhairis Palace
Entry ticket (one day) to  Alamiriah School
Entrance ticket (one day) to  Al-Biah House
Entrance ticket (one day) to Al-Qaisariah Market

‏Ain Najim Park

‏Muhaires Palace

‏Al-Biah House

‏Alamiriah School

‏Qaisariya Al-Ahsa Souq


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